Application List

Ammonium Fluoroborate Metals Aluminium Processing
Textiles Flame retardants
Ferric Nitrate Glass Additive in glass manufacture
Metals plating and Finishing Component of metal finishing blends
Photography Photochemicals
Pollution Control Additive in flue-gas desulphurization
Printed Circuit Boards Etchant for copper-clad plates and Use in stripping plate resist
Textiles Mordant in dyeing
Fluboric Acid Chemicals Catalyst for preparing acetals and esterifying cellulose
Metals Plating and Finishing Clean metal surfaces prior to electroplating
Brightening aluminum surfaces in electropolishing
Component of electroplating bath for metal plating tin, tin-lead, copper
Satin finish for brass and bronze
Matte finish for zinc
High-speed wire plating
Component of electroplating for applying tin or tin-lead etch resist
Lead Fluoborate Metals Plating and Finishing Electroplating lead or tin-lead alloys
Printed Circuit Boards Electroplating lead or tin-lead alloys
Metaphosphoric Acid Chemicals Phosphorylating agent
Dehydrating agent
Analytical reagent, e.g. in analysis of proteins
Pharmaceutical/ Person Care Manufacture of zinc oxylate dental cement

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