Welcome to SHORECHEM LLC, part of the Royale Group of Companies, with a focus on specialty fine chemicals.

We are a major distributor of Inorganic and Organic Chemicals in the USA. Our expertise in the fluorine business allows us to develop products for specific applications, which are toll manufactured for our group. We are pleased to introduce SHORECHEM LLC to the chemical world.

ShoreChem is based in the United States out of New Jersey, and services the needs of the chemical industry worldwide. SHORECHEM LLC is able to fulfill the needs of the Specialty Fines Chemical Industry with high quality products and exceptional customer service.

Our mission is to provide the highest of quality products and service to our customers. Here at SHORECHEM LLC the customer always comes first and we leave no stone unturned in delivering high quality products and the highest of customer care. We have worked with our suppliers to insure that all the products offered by SHORECHEM are of the highest quality.

Please feel free to tour our website to find Product Listings and Contact Information. We would be pleased to discuss with you any of the products mentioned, and let us know of any other products you may be interested in as we have international resources used to provide the Best and Highest Quality of Service and Products to customers.