Application List

Ammonium Fluoroborate Metals Aluminium Processing
Textiles Flame retardants
Ferric Nitrate Glass Additive in glass manufacture
Metals plating and Finishing Component of metal finishing blends
Photography Photochemicals
Pollution Control Additive in flue-gas desulphurization
Printed Circuit Boards Etchant for copper-clad plates and Use in stripping plate resist
Textiles Mordant in dyeing
Fluboric Acid Chemicals Catalyst for preparing acetals and esterifying cellulose
Metals Plating and Finishing Clean metal surfaces prior to electroplating
Brightening aluminum surfaces in electropolishing
Component of electroplating bath for metal plating tin, tin-lead, copper
Satin finish for brass and bronze
Matte finish for zinc
High-speed wire plating
Component of electroplating for applying tin or tin-lead etch resist
Lead Fluoborate Metals Plating and Finishing Electroplating lead or tin-lead alloys
Printed Circuit Boards Electroplating lead or tin-lead alloys
Metaphosphoric Acid Chemicals Phosphorylating agent
Dehydrating agent
Analytical reagent, e.g. in analysis of proteins
Pharmaceutical/ Person Care Manufacture of zinc oxylate dental cement
Peptone Solution Metals Plating and Finishing Electroplating of lead, tin or lead to promote fine grained deposits, suppress treeing, increase bath throwing power
Printed Circuit Boards Electroplating of lead, tin, or tin-lead to promote fine grained deposits, suppress treeing, increase bath throwing power.
Potassium Bifluoride Chemicals Electrolyte in the manufacture of fluorine
Catalyst in the alkylation of benzene with olefins
Glass Etching, frosting, and polishing glass
Metals Manufacture of fluxes for soldering or silver brazing
Mixed with citric acid to etch aluminum prior to coating with an acrylic copolymer emulsion
Power Generation Regeneration of uranium hexafluoride for use in nuclear reactors
Potassium Fluoride Batteries Electrolyte
Chemicals Fluorination of organic compounds
Coatings Ingredient in coatings for cement, welding rods, aluminum and other metals

Ingredient in fluxes for soldering and brazing

Titanium dioxide processing
Metal powders
Photography Bleach Production
Used in color transfer process
Potassium Nitrite


Analytical reagent in tests for amino acids, cobalt, iodine and urea.
Heat Transfer medium in melamine crystal manufacture for plastics.
Regenerates vanadium catalyst in ammonia plants
Dyes Making diazo dyes
Food Replaces sodium nitrite in meat curing for low- sodium diets
Potassium Nitrite Glass/ Ceramics Dispersant in enamel glazes
Metals Corrosion inhibitor
Reducing agent
Petroleum Heat transfer medium in oil fields
Process Water Treatment Corrosion inhibitor in older nuclear power plant
Potassium Sulfate (Special) Miscellaneous Setting aid for special gypsum products
Filler in the manufacture of resinoid grinding wheels
Potassium Tetraborate General Manufacturing Borax substitute where sodium is undesirable

Flux constituent

Photography Component of diazo- type developer solutions
Sodium Fluoborate Batteries Nonaqueous electrolyte batteries
Chemicals Preparation of some boron compounds
Catalyst in alcohol alkoxylation
Glass Beryllium- free fluorophosphate glass
Metals Boronizing and carburizing of steel
Flux for aluminum and nonferrous metals
Metal Plating and Finishing Finishing

Electroplating additive in chrome, nickel, cadmium and ruthenium/ iridium palting baths

Stonework Weather resistant coatings for stone monuments
Textiles Flame retardant for cotton and rayon
Sodium Sulfate


Laboratory reagent, e.g., in Kjeldahl nitrogen determinations and pesticide residue analyses.

Drying of organic liquids.
Standardizing dyes.
Photography Precipitating agent in the manufacture of silver emulsions.
Stannous Fluoroborate Electroplating Used in plating tin or tin-lead alloys from fluoborate baths.