Application List

Potassium Fluorotitanate Metals In the manufacture of aluminum alloys containing titanium.

In the manufacture of titanium metal.

Dental Materials In alginate-based dental impression formulations
Potassium Fluoroborate Metals Component in fluxing and grain refining agents for aluminum and magnesium
Metal Finishing Active filler in resin-bonded abrasives for metal treatment. Component in fluxing agents for soldering and brazing.
Magnesium Silicofluoride Building Materials Surface hardener for concrete.
Hydrofluoric Acid Chemicals

For manufacture of inorganic Fluoride compounds

Glass In etching and frosting of glassware
Metal Finishing In metal cleaning and pickling. For removal of scales from stainless steel. In removal of sand from metal castings.
Printed Circuits Etchant in preparation of microelectronic circuits
Fluorotitanic acid Metal Finishing Metal cleaning

Aluminum finishing

Chemicals Catalyst or catalyst preparation
Potassium Fluorozirconate Metals In fluxes and grain refiners for aluminum, magnesium
Metal Finishing As active filler in resin bonded abrasives for metal treatment. Component of fluxes for soldering and brazing.
Potassium Silicofluoride Chemicals In wood preservatives and insecticides
Ceramic / Glass In vitreous enamel frits, synthetic mica, and opalescent glass
Metals In the metallurgy of aluminum , beryllium and magnesium
Metal Finishing In high quality welding rods
Sodium Fluoride Chemicals In pesticides and wood preservative
Pharma / Personal Care As anti-cavity additive for toothpastes
Water Treatment In fluoridation of municipal water supplies
Sodium Silicofluoride Chemicals In production of synthetic cryolite and sodium fluoride
As an accelerator in latex production.

In wood preservative formulations

Metals In the metallurgy of aluminum, beryllium, and magnesium
Ceramics / Glass Whitening agent in porcelain enamel and optical glass
Building Materials In cement production
Water Treatment In fluoridation of municipal water supplies